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Abdullah Köktürk

Intelligence Is The Most Dangerous Thing
Tarih: 25-02-2019 23:21:00 Güncelleme: 25-02-2019 23:29:00


Human is the most intelligent of all living creatures. Owing to this ability, man could dominate nature and other living beings. As a result, while the wild nature has been destroyed, most animals have been domesticated. Today, more than half of cattle and poultry in nature are domesticated. Through his/her intelligence, man began to hunt deeper and drew down fish populations in many places.


Intelligence is the perception ability. However, mind is problem-solving ability. In other words, intelligence is the ability to use tools. Imagine if chimpanzees, one of the most intelligent animals today, can use lighters. The first thing they would do is to burn down forests. Or, if the orangutans could use weapons, they would shoot each other at first.


Owing to his/her intelligence, humankind destroys the natural environment and habitats. Today, the biggest reason for global warming, which is a great danger for the environment, is the technological development which is the product of human intelligence. The biggest reason for the increase in greenhouse gases and the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is the desire to use instruments and devices which are the product of human intelligence, and the factories that produce them.


Intelligence is the most damaging thing for nature. Without the human being and his/her intelligence, nature would remain a more habitable planet. Creatures which have low-level intellegence don’t have a harmful effect on nature. Today, owing to his/her intelligence, humankind is running for his/her own doomsday.


Humans think that they own the universe and the planet where he/she lives in. However, the human population constitutes only one thousandth of the total number of living creatures in our planet. Human and his/her intelligence is constantly harming the nature. The extinction of a species that is harmful to nature, such as human beings, will be beneficial to the planet rather than harm, moreover  this will protect the planet from a collective apocalypse.

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