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Abdullah Köktürk

Secret of Life
Tarih: 26-03-2019 23:01:00 Güncelleme: 27-03-2019 14:19:00



Life must have a secret. This secret must be simple and cover all living life. The secret, must be descriptive at the same way for humans, for ants or for pine trees. The secret should even contain protists. Therefore, the secret, cannot be only related to intelligence or virtue. The secret cannot be concerned with happiness, peace or love. In short, the secret cannot only be related to human concepts.


Then it is necessary to look at what is common in all living things. This is reproduction. All living beings reproduce in order to sustain their generation. This is what is common for plants, fish and other animals including humans. However, we cannot say that the secret of life is the reproduction of species. Because millions of species have disappeared since the beginning of life. Human being is just one of these species.


Even the extinction of species does not eliminate the secret, therefore the secret should be more general. The secret of life is probably the survival of the generations. The final activity of most insects is to lay eggs before dying. While pine trees spill seed mammals give birth. Species can be extinct for a variety of reasons, but even if one of the billions of bacterial species continues to live, the secret will continue.


If the secret is the continuity of life, then it is necessary to keep away from the things preventing the survival. If there are religions, the greatest sin is the one committed against this secret. Even if there are no religions, this does not eliminate the reality of the secret. Whatever is done against the secret is also considered to be contrary to virtue. Polluting the environment knowingly or unknowingly will be one of the biggest mistakes made to this secret.


For example, most people act contrary  to the secret by using car, unless it is necessary to drive. As almost all of the car owners use cars unnecessarily, if there is religion, they are the passengers of hell. Even if there is no religion, they act contrary to the secret because they serve the extinction of their species. Take another example, people who are eating fruit which comes from away, even if they don't need, they act contrary to the secret. These examples can be reproduced.


On the contrary, people working for the continuity of life will be paradise travelers if religion exists, and even if there is no religion they will mature their souls happily in eternity. In this sense, reproduction and sex can be considered as a religious ritual. One of the features that distinguish humans from animals is sex, which is not only done for reproduction. Even if it isn't done for reproducing, having sex as if it is reproducing could be one of the best prayers. However, abortion can be considered wrongly because it is an act done against survival.

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